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Global Warming Issue

Introduction to Global Warming

Attention everyone! If you are noticing hotter summers,milder winters,and you are having to go grab a cold drink or popsicle,read this flyer to wonder why you are sweating so much.(Unless you are a hippo because hippos don't sweat, but why would hippos want to read this.) If you want to find your answers, continue reading to find them or for more information.


  • More usable land and longer growing season for agriculture.
  • Extra Carbon Dioxide for plants and that also means more oxygen we receive.
  • The Arctic's resources become accessible.
  • Less energy required for heating.
  • Warmer weather is healthier and safer.
  • People enjoy sunnier and warmer climates.


  • Global warming can result in deadlier tropical storms including cyclones to monsoons.
  • Deserts get drier leaving to increased desertification.
  • Changes to agricultural production that can lead to food shortages.
  • Additional use of energy resources for cooling needs.
  • Extinction of additional species of plants and animals.
  • Increased allergy and asthma rates due to earlier blooming of plants.


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