Heritage JAG

School year 2015-2016

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Food Bank December 12th, 2015

Students will be donating their time and effort helping the homeless. Heritage JAG will pass out food to those that are unable to provide for themselves.

Initiation and Installment Ceremony November 10th, 2015

Students underwent a ceremony in which all members were initiated and installed as new JAG members and Career Association leaders. The two keynote speakers of the day included Sgt. Terrance McKinney and Former JAG Specialist Ashley Haydock. During the ceremony, Sgt. Terrance McKinney presented the Heritage JAG program with an American flag.
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Aeropostale Jeans for Teens

Throughout the beginning of the school year up until February 29th, JAG students will be donating jeans and other clothing to Aeropostale.

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk September 17th, 2015

On September 17th, Heritage JAG members participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.

About Us

We, The JAG members, of Heritage High School, come together to support our school and our local community to the best of our abilities.