News from Room 120

Mrs. Roman's First Grade Class

November 17, 2014

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Donors Choose Project!

I have recently submitted a project to If we get enough donations, we will be able to get 3 mini iPads with keyboard cases for our class! This would allow us to create presentations in every subject area and upload them so that students who are sick, absent, or just need to hear the lesson again would be able to access what we've learned! I will let you know if our project gets approved and let you know the next steps. I would like to put our class picture on the Donors Choose website. There is a permission slip in folders explaining this in more detail.

No Excuse Words

Each week we practice spelling 5 new words. Once they are added to the word wall at the end of the week, these 5 words become "no excuse" words and must be spelled correctly each time we write them. A great way to practice these words while practicing keyboarding skills is to type them.

This week's 5 words are:

1. your

2. said

3. there

4. use

5. each

Conference Thank You!

We had 100% of our families attend conferences! That shows how committed and caring every family is to their child's education. THANK YOU!

Myers Refrigerator News: November

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Scholastic Book Orders: Our Class Code: GZYGP

Books make great gifts! The December catalog just went home. I will put in an order at the end of November and can put in another order the week before winter break. If you are trying to find "just-right" books, keep in mind that the goal for January is a DRA 10-12. Please let me know if you would like book recommendations.