The War of 1812

By: Julia Grace Schuchman

The Beginning...

Today I will be doing a sequence of events on the war of 1812. If you click the link below, you will see a short clip on the war and some short facts.
War of 1812 | 3 Minute History

Leading up to the war

Both France and Great Britain threatened to attack American ships and there cargo. Also, Great Britain and the United states were also in conflict over the northwest territory.

War with Great Britain Begins

War hawks argued in favor of war against Great Britain and the U.S would have more land for settlers and fewer conflicts with American Indians.

The War at Sea

The American warships defeated a British warship and another important navel victory was fought on lake Erie

Fighting for New Orleans

They agreed to end the war and they signed the peace treedy.

Battles on land

The British attack Washington D.C and the British give up on war.

The Return of Peace

Britain and France ended in 1815 so did American problems with Britain navel policies. One major effect of the War of 1812 was that many Americans felt more confedent about there nation.

And that was the war of 1812. Bye!!!!!