The Third Estate

Year 1789--Written by Madison Tempest

Taking Bastille

A mob of revolutionaries in Paris have taken the initiative into their own hands and lives by storming the Bastille in Paris. This mob was formed because of the injustice done to Jacques Necker, the minister of state, who had supported the reforms. The fact that King Louis XIV had been gathering troops didn’t help the King out because his growing army just sparked the revolutionaries into action. The Bastille prison in Paris was taken by this group of revolutionaries. The prison had recently acquired a bunch of gunpowder barrels, which no one knew what the gunpowder was going to be used for, but it is speculated that it was to be used against the National Assembly. This group of Paris revolutionaries stormed the prison of Bastille and conquered it for the Third Estate. They took hold of the gunpowder and took control of the fortress. This is a good win for the National Assembly and the progress of the France people. Because of the storming of the Bastille King Louis XIV will now know that the National Assembly and Third Estate is serious about this revolution. These Paris revolutionaries who have gathered together in a mob to take the Bastille have jump started the revolution that has been simmering among us for a while now.
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Letters to the Editor

Bread March to Versailles

I read this newspaper and want to share with everyone the march us women made from Paris to Versailles, the home of our King. The King and his court live comfortably in Versailles and never have to worry about starving like us women in Paris struggling to get bread for our families, just bread that’s not taking into account the other food we have to scrounge around for. On October 5, we met up in the central market place in Paris and our frustration with the high price of bread and low quantity is what took us to Versailles. All we wanted was bread for our families. We started as a group of maybe 6,000 women, but as we continued more women joined. Some women carried pitchforks and other various weapons as we marched. We gained more women as we continued on our way, so that when we finally reached the palace in Versailles King Louis XIV gave into our demands. He gave in quicker to our demands than what we were expecting and ordered all bread in Versailles to be taken to Paris. I’ve heard that he’s now moved his court to Paris and left Versailles behind. I’m not going to pretend to know why he would move his court to Paris, but maybe he moved because the people in Versailles were left breadless and unhappy.

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The Lifestyle of King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette

Today I want to talk about the lifestyle of King Louis and Marie Antoinette. They are young and inexperienced rulers, but they shouldn’t live irresponsibly when they are rulers of people. King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette live a life of gambling and partying while their country suffers. King Louis XIV isn’t as bad as his wife in the aspect of spending, but the fact that he doesn’t put a stop to his wife’s social life makes him a bit weak. If he can’t control his wife then how is he supposed to rule us, his people? We have all heard the rumors of Marie Antoinette and her various affairs, if we’ve heard of them then I don’t see how King Louis XIV can’t know. We don’t know if they are actually true, but with how she spends her time it wouldn’t be so surprising. So again, King Louis XIV can’t stop his wife from doing something that goes completely against him, so how can he rule us effectively? Both King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette throw ball after ball and they continue to toss our countries money around like it’s as plentiful as grass. King Louis XIV doesn’t even control her spending he participates in her parties and sits back letting our countries money disappear with her many parties and gambling.

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