By: Justin Woolford

Fic's Description

Fic is a three letter word that is skinny and short. He may be small but he is strong and fast. But under all that strength he is sensitive and that is why he gets his work done fast but also puts in every little detail.

What Fic can do

As you know Fic is fast, but let me tell you how fast. He is 5 times faster than the average baker. He can bake a cake in an hour when regular bakers bake cakes in 5 hours. He can bake all kinds of desserts, just ask him and he will bake it for you. He may be faster than the average baker, but that does not mean that we will charge more than the average baker. His baking takes less time than the average baker, but he charges the same amount of money if not less. And for a limited time Fic will be making dinners for anybody that wants some. For fix to come to your house or wherever you just call 234-555-5655 or go to and if you order in the next 10 minutes we will give you a 20% discount on a purchase. Prices may vary from $100-$300. Call or go online today, you won't regret it;.

Fic's story

Fic is a baker that makes delicious food, but he did not start that way. Fic was born in southern California in the 1980's. Both his parents were engineers and they wanted their son to be one too. The problem was Fic didn't want to be an engineer, he didn't really know what he wanted to be. One day when he was older a friend asked him to bake a cake for a party. He didn't really know how to bake a cake, but decided to do it anyway. Once he finished he brought it to the party and after they ate the cake, everybody complimented on how great it was. He then decided that he wanted to bake for a career because he liked baking. He went to baking school and 3 years later became a professional baker. Til' this day he still puts the same amount of passion as he did the first time he baked a cake. That is why his desserts are filled with sweetness every time you take a bite out of one of them.