The Diary Of Anne Frank -symbolism-

By: Makenzie Rogers

The Yellow Star of David

The star of David is what the Jews were forced to wear during the holocaust so they could be told a part from non Jews. This was important to the story because Jews would get arrested for not wearing their star, but Peter isn't planning on leaving the Annex, and he sees the star as the Nazis way of branding them. Anne thinks differently about the stars and for some reason she can' burn hers like Peter did.

Text Evidence:

(He starts to rip off his Star Of David) - This is when Peter starts to take off his Star Of David.

Anne: What are you doing?

Peter: Taking it off. Anne is confused why Peter is taking his star off.

Anne: But you can't do that. They'll arrest you if you go out without your star. - Anne is concerned for Peter.

Anne: (She picks up the knife and starts to take her star off.) - Anne starts to follow Peter, but when she goes to throw it in the fire she can't do it, and she doesn't know why.

Anne: (she starts to throw hers in, and cannot.)

Anne's Diary

Anne's Diary is the symbol of Anne during the Holocaust. The diary is about how Anne coped and grew as time went on during hiding. The diary is so significant to the story because it's the story itself. It's the whole reason we know about the Franks experience during the holocaust. Anne used the diary as if it were her best friend in hiding. She would write anything from what she did that day to her feelings toward another member of the Annex. This diary was very important to Anne and she was crushed when she had to leave it behind, but it was her symbol of hope that they would return after the war.

Text Evidence:

Anne: (pulling out a pasteboard-bound book) - Anne is looking in the box her father just gave her.

Anne: A diary! I've never had a diary. And I've always longed for one. - Anne is thrilled to have gotten a diary from her father, especially since she has never owned one before.

Anne starts to write in her diary - This is the first time the audience hears what Anne is writing in her diary.

(The lights dim to darkness. The curtain falls on the scene.Anne's voice comes to us faintly at first, and then with increasing power) - This is when Anne is writing in her diary and you can hear what she is saying.