Migration from Vietnam to Minnesota

By: Brock Schrom

Why do people from Vietnam move to Minnesota?

Most people move here because Minnesota has a very good farming industry. We also have a variety of economic educational opportunities and we also have thriving civic and cultural life. The Hmong people migrate here because of the danger of war. They also move away because of the disruption of living patterns that came after the war.

Ravenstein's laws

Laws that apply:

- Migrants traveling long distance stay in urban areas.

- Migration is rural to urban

- Most migrants are 20-34.

- Most international migrants are young males.

Laws that don't apply:

- Migrants travel short distance.

Where they move to in Minnesota

About half of Hmong people move to St. Paul but the other half spread out across the state to farm.


Some problems these people encounter is not being able to land a profitable farm, feeling lonely if they did not settle in a urban area, and forgetting about their culture and adapting to ours.