Chemistry Nobel Prize 1995

Paul Crutzen, Mario Molina, & F. Sherwood Rowland

Adrielle Lee, Hannah Miller, Richelle Lewis

Their Work

  • observed what causes the ozone in the atmosphere to disappear
  • used laboratory studies of how certain chemical compounds reacts with ozone
  • The ozone layer allows life to exist on earth
  • Ozone is a gas located in the atmosphere that absorbs much of the sun's UV radiation
  • they researched and contributed to the explanation of how ozone is formed and breaks apart in the atmosphere
  • the ozone layer is reliant on the makeup of the atmosphere

Why did they win?

They discovered what causes the ozone in the atmosphere to disappear and raised awareness for the importance of the ozone layer.

Why is this important?

The ozone layer is what protects life on earth from harmful UV rays, so the preservation of it is important.

What problem did they solve?

They discovered what is destroying the ozone layer.

Did it challenge previous knowledge?

It built on previous research but did not challenge it.

How is it currently being used?

We now know what harms the ozone and how to prevent further damage. There is more research going on now.
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How will this impact the future?

This has the possibility to save humanity. The ozone layer protects life, and since we now know what damages it, preventive measures can be taken.