Female Hygiene

the importance of hygiene in young females

Stay Healthy!

Here are some tips to keep your reproductive system healthy!

  1. Cleanliness: Make sure to wash the external vaginal area daily. During menstruation, you should change your sanitary pads and tampons regularly. Feminine hygiene sprays, douches, and deodorant tampons are not necessary and can be harmful if they cause irritation or cover up signs of an infection.
  2. Sexual Abstinence: Sexual activity can result in a number of serious infections and sexually transmitted infections. The only way to avoid these are to refrain from sexual activity.
  3. Prompt Treatment for Infections: There are other ways women can get from things other than sexual activity. Some infections are caused by yeast, bacteria, or other microorganisms. Only a doctor can diagnose these and provide appropriate treatment.
  4. Self-Exams: Make sure to monitor your own body for signs of possible medical problems. If you notice heavier bleeding during menstruation, if your period stops completely. or if you notice bleeding at times between your normal period, you should check with a doctor.
  5. Medical Checkups: Medical checkup such as pap smears and mammograms can detect cancers of the cervix and the breasts. These are very important to have yearly so the doctors can detect and treat these before they get serious.