The icy wonders of the north.

The country of Greenland

Greenland is the icy cold country next to Canada in North America. It is the biggest island on Earth. The climate is cold, as the hottest it ever gets as of 2012 is 46 Fahrenheit on the hottest day of summer. The capital is Nuuk, located on the southwestern shore of the country. There is not many roads on the island, so people usually travel by boat along the shore or by plane. In northern Greenland, there is a phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun. During the summer, there is constant daylight, and during the winter, it as constant darkness. It hardly rains in Greenland, making it rare for rainy days. Erik the Red had settled here, calling it Greenland, for the outer coast was all grass. It was inhabited in 920 AD and has been a part normal lives for many people.

The People and Animals of the icy island

How they live and their daily lives

The people of Greenland live along the coast, where most of it is grass. Only 56,000 people live there, about twice as much as Anderson. It snows almost every other week, up in the northern region that is. Many people have to walk to get through the island, and others use boats along the coast to get around quicker. The people that live there live in hard conditions, living in almost 40 degrees everyday. The people there are very lucky, as they have many sea animals that live there. They have Beluga whales, Humpback whales, Fin whales, Great White Sharks, and a Greenland shark, only found in Greenland, of course. They also have regular fish like Salmon and Cod fishes. They also have their varieties of land animals too. They have Arctic Foxes, Polar bears, Falcons, Wood frogs, and Atlantic Puffins. The religion there is common to them, as most every church there is a Evangelical Lutheran church. Some churches are different, that is if your family is from a Danish history, they have different types of religion in Greenland. Most people there are Lutheran, so the religion there is the same around the country. The living there is not great but not harsh, the problem is with food. Most food is from seafood, as many people eat Salmon and Cod, which is there basic diet. Many little meals of meat are there, as not many land animals live there. Besides that, the people that live there live a nice life. They have to be ready for the weather, but most people there are used to it. Greenland is a good place to hold the small population that lives there, and is good for the people.


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