by: Emily smucker

Emily's characteristics:

  • Emily tends to be a very lazy person
  • Her personalty is introverted
  • She likes reading
  • Loves theater
  • She is not punctual
  • anti social
  • Gets stressed out easily
  • Brings random things up suddenly


This story is about a teenage girl Emily suffering from West Nile fever which causes not only stomach cramps but also haunts her senior year at high school. She tries to juggle between homework, her virus, and her social life but regardless fails at her attempt. Her unvaried life experiences made her realize that traveling might be the source of comfort she was searching all this time. Emily wanted a normal life for a teenager but her plans went up in smokes. Finally, moving to Redmond made her feel less handicapped and a more lively person.

Similarities and Differences

Emily and I have differences but we have a lot in common like how we both are very lazy and dreamers. Furthermore, we collectively share a preconceived notion about occurring events. I personally am a more social person than Emily since she is an antisocial person. Emily's personalty is introverted unlike me who is extroverted. My immune system is more stronger than Emily's. Lastly, the curiosity of our future keeps us on our's toes, yet, it doesn't take away the optimism from our hearts.

"Engaging and anticipating" - Roshni.M

Emily's senior year

At first Emily stared to have frequent stomach aches and dizziness, over the time period she got very anxious so she got blood tests done. Then Emily tried to manage school and her social life. As soon as, her big sister (Amy) came back from college, Emily gradually started getting worst she starts to detach her self from the world. She starts to travel more repeatedly and sees that she starts to feels better. Emily graduates and finally moves to Redmond. She makes new friends and wakes up to a beautiful view every morning also, finds her self less sick.

Importent events that impacts her senior year of high school

Emily not going to school made her struggle between high school work.West Nile fever created more intense stomach Aches, Headaches,dizziness, also mad her very lazy and distracted. Going to Redmond affected Emily physically and mentally by meeting new people, It was a great for her .

Opinion /Recommendation

This read from Emily Smucker is tangy and sweet in multiple ways. I stared of with feeling uninterested about Emily's issues and her monotonous monologues but gradually felt engrossed after reading how similar we were in some ways (mentioned above). While reading the book I realized that her character was very complacent regardless of the situation, which personally disconnected me as a fellow teen myself. Towards the end the book was relieving in term that, Emily found the fulfillment & happiness she often desired. I give this book a 3.5/5 in terms of personal found connection.