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A family Newsletter: Week of February 11th


Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal


I know we are all in a hurry in the mornings and rushed to get to work and other important places, but it is so important that we all slow down and remember to exemplify the courage, character, and commitment that we are continuously working with our students on.

Reminders in the morning:

  • The parking lot is NOT a carline. I know it seems like a simple, quick solution to just zip in and quickly let your child out but if we have 100 parents do this, this becomes a danger to our kids and our staff that are trying to park. When this occurs, we are modeling that rules don't apply to our students if they don't get caught. There is no way we can catch every car that chooses to go against this procedure, but we hope that you will help us continue to model this safety practice.
  • If you do choose to pull into the parking lot and park (which is definitely acceptable), please make sure that you turn off your car and walk your child all the way to the front door.
  • The morning car line runs rather smoothly and it doesn't take too much time. We do have two lines that merge together and please remember, it only takes a second to let someone merge in (one merges in and one goes and the cycle continues- like a zipper).
  • If you are running late in the morning (it happens to the best of us:), we need you to walk your student in and check them into school to get a tardy slip.

Reminders in the afternoon:

  • The only students that should be walkers or bike riders are ones that are walking to their actual residence. Parents should not be parking along streets and picking students up from that location. This again reinforces the modeling of good courage, character, and commitment that we are all working so hard to continue to build in each of our students.

Drop off and pick up will never be 100% flawless, but if everyone does their part to follow the procedures in place, it will run as smoothly as possible. And remember, we're all a family and doing the very best we can in raising up all of our sweet kiddos!! So give an extra smile to the person in line in front of or behind you!!

Of course, if you ever have any questions or concerns, PLEASE give me a call!! Our partnership is very important to me!!

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Campus Character Rings!

Both YELLOW RING AND RED RING ARE IN THE LEAD!!! It's been a close week!! Keep up the above and beyond examples of courage, character, and commitment.

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GT Testing Window

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Upcoming Events at Baxter

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Spring and Class Pictures



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