Now You're Cooking!

Sofia S.


First Stove:The aluminum stove.So with your card box you will put aluminum foil over it.Then we will put tulle fabric to hold the lid up.Next we will wait for the tulle fabric to dry.Next,I will get a glass cup,and water and put it under the sun and see if the water gets warm.It might take a while since it takes a lot to cook an egg.


Second Stove:The metal oven.So you put a box and then put over it metal and a little bit of aluminum,cut a square in the middle to fit a cup,next we will glue the metal with a hot glue gun,next I'll fill the glass cup with water then I'll test it to see if the water gets warm.


Which Solar Oven Works Better?

Would It Work?


Cardboxes (4),Metric Ruler,Measuring Tape,Utility Knife,Large Sheets Of Cardboard (2),Several Sheets Of Newspaper,Small Roll Of Aluminum Foil,Black Tempera Paint,Small Paint Brush,Elemer's glue, Reynolds Oven (Cooking Bag),Oven Thermometers,Metal.


The aluminum oven 63 (degrees),it was more attracted to the sun.The metal oven 60 (degrees),less attracted to the sun.I stayed outside 25 minutes.The sun helped the aluminum oven since it made it warmer.The sun didn't help the metal oven since the water stayed cold.


Aluminum Oven was 63 (degrees) and the Metal Oven was 60 (degrees),my hypothesis was right since I said that the Aluminum Oven will be more attracted,if I could redo my project the metal could be combined with stainless steel.My project thought me that to cook you don't really need gas,you can use the sun.

Purpose,Controlled Variables

Purpose;In order to make a solar oven you need the sun.

Controlled Variables;All of the objects and measurements.

Independent Variable,Dependent Variable

IV:The size of the cardboard,paper.



Aluminum Foil would work better because it's more attracted to the sun,also I think metal is not that attracted,because it doesn't have that much reflection.