Philippe Halsman

Salvador Dali

Background History

Halsman and Dali first met in 1941 when a photo of Halsman's inspired Dali to create one of his paintings. They soon became friends and worked together for many years. Halsman took many photos inspired by Dali's surrealism and, during the years they worked together, Halsman took many portrait photos of Dali. This picture is one of such that was taken in Halsman's studio in New York during one of their collaboration projects. This photo is famous because it is a portrait of a very iconic figure in the world of art - not to mention the unique expression, as well.

My Opinion

I love this portrait because Dali is one of my favorite artists and the face he is making is extremely humorous. This portrait is unique to me because of the strange expression on his face and the way his mustache seems ready to take flight. If I had to make a change, however, I would have liked to see Dali's neck in its entirety. The way this picture is framed doesn't necessarily look cut off, I just feel it would look better with the shoulders slightly in frame to give the head something to connect to. Dali's personality is well-captured in this photo and you can see that mad creativity just oozing from his eyes.