Yoga STRETCH 5.45am or 7am

Stretch Programs: 2 Weeks, 1 Week, Casual Pass

Yoga Stretch Gives you Freedom! No Previous Flexibility Needed!

By Popular Request, this is a Yoga Stretching Program where you can improve safely, and daily. Attend the daily Stretch workouts until Easter in this 2 week Program. Based on traditional Yoga sequences for Stretching, you will loosen the hips, shoulders, back and spine. Easter bonus - you will feel great, free, and less Tension will give you improved Health and more Vitality.

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There is also the option to choose either Week A, or Week B, or at least a couple of sessions, as a casual....something is better than nothing!

Yoga Stretch gives you more Energy and Vitality

I am really excited to answer your popular request for 'Stretching'. In weeks A & B, I will show you how to release and open your hips, shoulders, free your spine, and create flexibility in legs and arms. No Yoga experience needed to join. No flexibility required. [Being flexible before coming into Yoga, is like eating before you go to a restaurant....think about it...!] Yoga Stretching differs from gym-stretching. Find out why and feel freedom in your body.

Milton Yoga Studio Yoga Stetching Program

Go to for more info...but what more do you need? Book now to save your spot. STARTS MONDAY FOR THE 2 WEEK MEGA STRETCH!

A once only offer for 2014, not to be repeated! To book your spot click on the links here:

2 Week Yoga Stretch MEGA Package $157 for 8 sessions:

1 Week Yoga Stretch SUPER Package $87 for 4 sessions:

Casual Pass Yoga Easter Stretch $27 for single session :