All About Me

Mrs Golfis: Introduction to the classroom

Teaching Philosophy.

* Piaget's Constructivist view: Students learn in different ways, however I believe a 'hands on' approach is a way to maximize learning.
* Collaborative learning.

Fascinating facts about me:

I am married.
I have three children: Jessica, aged 19; Jayden, aged 13; and Caitlin, aged 10.
Within our family we have: two dogs, two birds and a guinea pig
I am a Registered Nurse: I have worked as a nurse for 29 years.

Some photo's of my family and I.

You cannot teach without learning - they go together!


Classrooms need rules.
Learning needs to be fun. The students need to want to learn.
The rules need to be decided by the teacher and the students together.
As a teacher I will expect the students to be respectful and polite.
As a teacher I will treat my students with respect.
As a teacher I will always be positive towards students, encouraging them to do their best.

Learning needs to be fun - students need to want to learn!