The Mid-Autumn Festival

中 秋 节

The date on the calendar

Do you know that today is the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节zhōng qiū jié )? This festival has different names such as Mooncake Festival or Moon Festival. It is an official harvest celebration in Chinese culture. It falls on the fifteen of August in the lunar calendar. In this year, the Festival falls on September 15 on Western Calendar.

Mid-Autumn is a very important festival celebration in the Chinese communities around the world next to New Year Celebration . The concept of this festival is family gathering and thanksgiving for the harvest. People watch the fullest moon, and enjoy a special pastry called Mooncake (月饼 yue bing).

Moon Cakes

Traditional Mooncakes are round and symbolize family gathering. If you shop at a Chinese grocery store during this period of time, you will find all kinds of moon cakes. Red or green bean paste, white lotus paste with egg York and dates paste are all traditional flavors. New style moon cakes adopted ideas from ice cream, and now some moon cakes are tasted very Western. The crust of moon cakes have various design too. They all give buyers good wishes and blessings.

Do you want to try some?

Myths and Legends

As all festivals or holidays around the world, myths and legends are many. So is this festival. One famous one is a story about beautiful lady name Chang'e. Chang'e married to a hear name Hou Yi.

Long, long time ago, one day, there were 10 suns on the sky. They took turn risen up, therefore, there is no nights. The 10 suns burnt the ground and people' harvest, and people were suffering.

Hou Yi was a brave man. One day, he brought his bow and arrows and shot down 9 suns and saved all people. Later, he took Chang'e as his wife. They lived a happy life. Hou Yi wanted to stay in this life and became immortal, so he started seeking elixir. He finally found it.

Hou Yi was happy and went home to tell Chang'e. He asked Chang'e to keep it in a safe place at home. However, one of his followers found this secret. One day, when Hou Yi was out for hunting, he forced Chang'e to hand over elixir. Chang'e didn't, but drank all the bottle of that elixir of life.

After drinking it, Chang'e's body was lifted and lifted. She finally flew to the sky. She flew to the moon, and decided to live there. Because the moon is near the earth, so she could watch her loved husband and the places they were together.

A Love Song

There is a love song named "The Moon Represents My Heart" (月亮代表我的心 yuè liàng dài biǎo wǒ de xīn) and was by Teresa Teng. This song says the moon represents my heart, and it knows how much I love you.

Enjoy it.


中秋节快乐 (zhōng qiū jié kuài lè) My friends!

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