8th Grade Physical Science

Ms. Keldgord


Hello and welcome to Ms. Keldgord's 8th Grade Physical Science. This class covers the two main areas of Physical Science: Chemistry and Physics. Our textbook isFocus on Physical Science and is published by Prentice Hall. Every student has received a copy of the textbook to take home and use as a personal copy. There is also a class set available for students to use at school. Students also received a Reading & Notetaking Guide (RNG) that should be brought with them to school every day. The RNG contains worksheets that will be used for homework and classwork.

I have listed the syllabus below which contains information on class rules, homework, late work, absent work, my grading policy, etc. I have also listed the weekly schedule for what we will be doing in class in case of a student's absence.

**Homework packets are given to students every Monday and are DUE every Friday with a parent signature.**

Sign up to receive reminders about homework, quizzes, tests, and projects in Ms. Keldgord's class. The application is free and does not show any personal information such as phone number or email. It also allows communication between parents and the teacher. Class code is @mskeldg for Physical Science. To subscribe text @mskeldg to 81010.

Syllabus Information


I expect that all students...

  • Respect themselves and others.
  • Take responsibility for their actions.
  • Come prepared to class.
  • Listen carefully and ask questions.
  • Follow classroom and school rules at all times.


Grades will be based on the following seven components:

  1. Science Log Notebook: A collection of student work during each quarter (classwork, homework, notes, tests, bellwork, etc.)
  2. Lab Activities: Lab participation and formal lab write ups.
  3. Homework: Reinforces concepts taught in class, homework is assigned as a packet and is due every Friday.
  4. Classwork: Work that is to be completed in class with help of the teacher’s instruction.
  5. Tests/Quizzes: Quizzes and tests will be given on a regular basis. A cumulative final will be given at the end of the year.
  6. Participation: Students are to come to class prepared with materials and ready to learn. Students are to actively participate in class activities and discussions.
  7. Conduct: Classroom disruptions, continual talking, and tardiness will result in a loss of conduct points.

Grading Scale:

Late Work: Student may turn it in the following week for 70% credit, or later during the same quarter for 50% credit. Late work is accepted for late credit based on what the student actually completes. For example if a student completes 20 out of 40 questions and turns the assignment in two weeks late, they will receive 10 points. (This does not include absent work.)

Absent Work: Work due to absences will be accepted for full credit if they complete it in the time that they were given. For example, if a student was absent a day, they will have a day to make the assignment(s) up for full credit. If they were absent five days, they will have five days to make it up for full credit, etc. After that, it will be accepted for late credit.

Academic Dishonesty: Is not tolerated and will result in a detention, zero on the assignment, and forfeit of any extra credit points.