Stop GMO's!

Genetically Modified Foods

They Can Cause Serious Health Risks

When the farmers add pesticides they may unintentionaly add a new allergen to it. Also bacteria from the GMO's can enter into our guts causing germs to grow. These germs are resistent to humans antibiotics and can cause people to get very sick.

GMO's are harmful to the enviornemt

Many of the pesticides have been outlawed due to their harm to the enviornment. However there are still more that are harmful but are not yet outlawed. Not only that but they harrm wildlife. There have been reported affects on monarch butterflies native to a certain area that are now no longer there. Scientists believe that the bugs will adapt to the pesticides and become super bugs becoming an even bigger problem!

There's Poor Oversight and Regulation of GMO's

GMO's will hurt small farmers

GMO's are too expensive for small farmers, putting them at a disadvantage to bigger farms. Widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

They Hurt the Enviornment