Drugs and athletic performance

By: Nick LeDuc

Drugs and athletic performance

Nick LeDuc, Hr 5

Media Influences

People that have used Drugs to make them better at their profession is Barry Bonds (used HGH), Alex Rodriguez ( used banned anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs), and Roger Clemens ( used steroids and anabolic steroids).

Interpersonal Communication

Coaches- It would be very smart to talk to a coach because they can tell you the consequences of using. They could also tell the positives and negatives

Doctors- There is a benefit of going to a doctor that has a profession in steroids. They can tell you the health risks and the doctors could give you the help you needed.

Immediate and long term risk factors

Long term:

Vital Organs: Prolonged heavy use of steroids can permanently damage the liver, causing cancer, jaundice, bleeding, and hepatitis.
Reproductive System: In males, excess testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen

Men may develop: Prominent breasts, Baldness, Shrunken testicles, Infertility

Women may develop: A deeper voice, An enlarged clitoris, Increased body hair, Baldness

Short term: acne, oily skin, deepening of the voice


There has been professional sports that have banned the use of steroids. The NFL, MLB, and the Olympics are some major organizations that have banned the use of steroids. They say that it gives the participants an unfair advantage.

Urine testing has been use to detect the use of steroids. More ways to detect steroid use is if the person has bad acne, oily skin, or unrealistic muscle size