alexis cleman

What wold you like to accomplish in high school

i would like to accomplish passing school in general.

What do you want to do after high school? I would like to go to collage.

What do you hope your life will be like in 20years?i hope i will be healthy and famous.

3 things you would like to improve your health-i would like to not eat so much Maldonada,exersize more,eat more vegetables,and be more kind.

At home i like to run.

people i like to hang out with is my family.

i am a really good actor.

a Quilaty i like about me is my personality but i would like to change my carelessness.

somthing i would like to try is wasobi.

what do you feel like is a posotive and negative you would like to change in your health life?i would like to change sleep.