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SumDog Cincinnati Contest 10/18-10/24

Rubik's Cubes Needed!

Iowa & CogAT Results Coming Soon

Brain Bowl Tryouts

Hink Pink Posters

WordMasters Word Lists

Enrichment Pullout Groups

Self-Paced Thinking Skills Enrichment


Parent Volunteers STILL Needed!

STEAM TEAM Pinhole Camera Project starts October 14

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SUMDOG Cincinnati Contest

All students identified gifted in any area in grades 1-6 have a SumDog account.

I have used SumDog for many years with my gifted students and have found it to be a fun way to practice math fluency. In addition, SumDog has local and national contests that I enter my students in so that they can compete and earn prizes for their SumDog "house".

Each student has been given information about SumDog with their username and password.

Our first contest begins Friday, October 18 and ends Thursday, October 24. Students need to answer at least 100 math questions to qualify for the contest and earn a reward. Winning classes can earn subscriptions for their class, and I will add in a PIZZA PARTY for the participating students if they win! (SumDog Classes are set up by grade level, so at least 10 students in the grade have to play.)

Daily winners will receive a certificate and lunch with Mrs. Bonfield.

SumDog can be used as math enrichment in the classroom with the teacher permission, and at home. Please let me know if you have any questions about SumDog, or your child's account.


The sixth graders have been doing a terrific job learning how to solve the Rubik's Cube thanks to Mr. Walter, Donor's Choose, and a Rubik's Cube lending program!

We had to send back the set that we borrowed, but would love to continue the momentum and have enough for students to create a 225 cube mural of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, or Jackie Robinson.

If you have an old Rubik's cube lying around, or you see one at a thrift shop, we would love to have it!

If you shop on Amazon, the cubes can be purchased as an add-on item for less that $4.00 each, and you can purchase up to 3.


All Iowa and CogAT testing has been completed.

Letters to notify parents about gifted identifications and enrollment options at CPS gifted academies will be sent through the testing department within the next few weeks.

To be identified gifted in math, reading, science, or social studies, a student must score in the 95th percentile or higher on a nationally normed test such as the Iowa, Terra Nova, or MAP. (MAP Identification now begins with grade 2, using the MAP 2-5 or 6+)

To be identified as gifted in cognitive ability, a student must score two standard deviations above the norm, plus/minus the standard error of measure on a nationally normed test of cognitive abilities such as the CogAT or Inview. This score is usually around 127, but varies by test and grade.

Sixth grade Iowa scores for math and reading are used to determine eligibility for Walnut Hills and Dater High. Combined minimum score (math + reading) is 140, but neither score can be below 65. Results will be posted in PowerSchool soon, and more information will be coming, including how to sign up for re-testing.

I highly recommend that students who will be retaking the Iowa math or reading tests do the practice tests. The link is below.


Online practice tests for 6th grade


All 9-12 students are invited to sign up to participate in the Brain Bowl Team first qualifying round on November 1st at 7:45 am.

The signup sheet will be posted in the third floor hallway on Monday, October 28. The signup sheet will be taken down Thursday, October 31st at 2:30 pm. Only students who have signed up will be able to participate in the qualifying round which consists of a 20 minute written challenge based on typical Brain Bowl questions.

Students with the top scores in each grade will be invited to the second qualifying round which will be held on Thursday, November 14 from 2:45-4:00 in room 3301. From that round, 16 students will be selected for our 2019-2020 team.

Hink Pink Posters

5th Grade Enrichment Pullout

We are finishing up what we started last year. Students studied rhyme pairs and evaluated the quality of Hink Pink word riddles. Students then created their own Hink Pink word riddles and designed posters that met a set of criteria. Each student went through the design process to develop and create their poster. I am very proud of their commitment to excellence!


All third & fourth grade students identified gifted in reading will participate in the national WordMasters Challenges as part of their enrichment offerings.

In addition, as part of our Schoolwide Enrichment Program, ALL PRM 4th grade students who have the desire to develop their vocabulary and analytical thinking skills are invited to participate, but will need to prepare independently.

About WordMasters

Using Analogies to Master Vocabulary

Each year, over 150,000 students in grades 3-8 from some of the best public and private schools across the country participate in the WordMasters Challenge™.

Unlike other language arts competitions for this age group – which focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling and other language mechanics – the WordMasters Challenge™ helps students to think both analytically and metaphorically.

For more information:


Third Grade WordMasters List

3rd Grade 2019-2020 WordMasters Challenge #1 Word List

1. foal

2. howl

3. coarse

4. doe

5. whimper

6. cautious

7. hut

8. bawl

9. elegant

10. burlap

11. dampen

12. ragged

13. dawn

14. cuddle

15. reckless

16. mansion

17. mend

18. fine

19. mare

20. drench

21. shabby

22. dusk

23. chuckle

24. moist

25. satin

4th Grade WordMasters List

4th Grade 2019-2020 WordMasters Challenge #1 Word List

1. trowel

2. seep

3. keen

4. aroma

5. newt

6. portable

7. conifer

8. muffle

9. fragrant

10. ingredient

11. shuffle

12. acute

13. veil

14. ignite

15. fragile

16. sequoia

17. muzzle

18. sturdy

19. boulder

20. waft

21. flammable

22. nugget

23. hurtle

24. bitter

25. amphibian


Our 6th grade enrichment pullout group has begun.

On Mondays we are learning to be Aesthetic Ambasadors for PRM. Our goal is to be active role models in improving the aesthetics of our PRM community.

Tuesdays we will focus on "Lessons in Leadership" as we study and practice the qualities of good leaders. Wednesdays and Thursdays will be devoted to the Design Process and using our MakerSpace which includes our 3D printer, sewing machines, die cut machines, and more.

Fifth grade pullout groups have started and we are picking up where we left off last year with our Hink Pink Posters. Look for these posters on the 9-12 walls and the PRMRocks! website. We will move into an etymology lesson that will last the whole year. Get ready to learn your ABCs with words like antidiluvian, bioluminescence, and cacophony!

Fourth grade enrichment pullouts will start the week of October 14th. We will begin with a focus on strategic thinking and begin our preparations for our first WordMasters contest.

Enrichment groups for 3rd grade will begin with the second quarter and will be based on area(s) of identification and need.

Most students will begin by preparing for our first WordMasters contest.


CRITICAL & CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS ENRICHMENT is provided to first, second, and third grade students who are identified gifted in any area.

The Thinking Skills Enrichment Packets are to be completed independently at school and are designed for self-paced enrichment. In some cases, a classroom teacher will include this work in a student's weekly work contract if they feel it is appropriate. In most cases, Thinking Skills Enrichment is considered free choice work, and should be done after completing assigned work tasks.

This work is to be done only at school, and not to go home.

SUPRA ET ULTRA Monthly Challenges


The SUPRA ET ULTRA challenges are part of our Schoolwide Enrichment Program, P.E.A.C.E. which stands for Providing Equal Access to Curricular Enrichment.

All students at PRM are invited to participate in the SUPRA ET ULTRA monthly challenges, because all students benefit from this type of critical and creative thinking enrichment.

Each quarter, students who have participated in the monthly challenges are entered in a quarterly prize drawing. To be eligible for the drawing, it is not necessary for all ten challenges of the monthly SUPRA ET ULTRA to be completed, but the self-assessment must be completed in full for their name to go into the drawing.

Students who complete all ten challenges by the deadline and also complete the self-assessment in full, will receive a certificate, and have their name posted on the PRM ROCKS! website.

The SUPRA ET ULTRA challenge worksheets are available to ALL PRM students.

Parents and teachers can request them for students simply by sending Mrs. Bonfield an email at bonfiej@cpsboe.k12.oh.us

Students who are identified as gifted are assigned the monthly SUPRA ET ULTRA challenges and are encouraged to complete them as they are considered part of their gifted enrichment education.

*Supra Et Ultra is Latin for Above and Beyond.

Volunteer Opportunities

I am looking for volunteers to help in a variety of capacities with our 9-12 level this year.

Opportunities such as helping out with the Maker Space, organizing materials for Instant Challenges, working with small pullout groups, helping with academic competitions, sharing information about your career or hobbies, helping to design and maintain a beautiful and positive environment, and assisting with communications are just SOME of the needs for this year!

If you are interested in helping out in any way, or have questions, just send me an email at bonfiej@cpsboe.k12.oh.us

STEAM Pinhole Camera Pilot Program

A grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation is funding PRM’s STEAM team Pinhole Camera Project.

Kate McGreevy, Melissa Kyrlach and I will start the project second quarter with some of the 4/5 classes. We hope to be able to involve all of the 4th & 5th graders this year.

Stay tuned for more information!


At Pleasant Ridge Montessori, we offer three types of enrichment for students:

PEACE (Providing Equal Access to Curricular Enrichment)

Schoolwide Enrichment is offered to all students in grades 1 through 6 at the PEACE level. The monthly SUPRA ET ULTRA Critical & Creative Thinking Challenges are the foundation of our schoolwide program, and we encourage all students who desire an enrichment opportunity to participate.

PACE (Purposeful And Challenging Enrichment)

Students who are identified gifted in specific academic areas such as math and reading are provided appropriate academic enrichment based on their individual needs.

ACE (Academic & Creative Excellence)

Based on gifted identifications and individual student needs, enrichment is provided to develop academic and creative talents.



I have included a number of enrichment opportunities for kids and adults HERE.

Please let me know if you are aware of additional opportunities that I should share.

Super Saturday

The Super Saturday Program is a quality enrichment program for intellectually gifted children, ages 4-14, in the Greater Cincinnati area. Starting in the Fall of 1981, the Super Saturday Program has grown from serving a handful of gifted children at the University of Cincinnati’s main campus to serving hundreds of children each session in various settings.

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TEMOTAD ~ The Evil Mistress Of Torture And Doom

Mrs. Jackie Bonfield

I am so happy to be torturing, er, I mean working with the amazing students, staff, and families of Pleasant Ridge Montessori. I consider it a great honor to be given the opportunity to enrich the lives of this community and to help guide our future scholars, leaders, and creatives.

Since 1999, I have worked with more than 2000 gifted students in grades K through 8 in various public school settings.