Venture Leadership Workshop

Empire Angels Young Founders Series

It Isn't Easy at the Top

What is my leadership style? How do I build a vision for my start-up? What is the most effective way to motivate my growing team?

Join renowned professional coach Douglas Campbell III for a unique workshop exclusively focused on young, entrepreneurial leaders. Douglas has a wealth of success and experiences to draw upon - five business startups; Fortune 100 Strategic Planning and Marketing Director experience, 10 years teaching MBAs/undergraduates, and over 10 years as an Executive & CEO coach.

Wednesday, Sep. 25th 2013 at 7pm

1412 Broadway

New York, NY

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About the Empire Angels Young Founders Series

Empire Angels’ Young Founder Series seeks to provide education and training to young and first time entrepreneurs in the New York area. Starting a company is hard work, and founders with a strong vision but limited operating experience encounter unique challenges. How can I be an effective 20 or 30-something executive? Should I hire this person or that one? What does branding even mean? How do I build a company culture? How do I convince people twice my age to invest in my company? Through a curated series of evening workshops, panels and discussion events, the Young Founder Series aims to empower Millennial entrepreneurs with the key skills required to compete and succeed.