Jake Wexler

The Incredible Life of Jake the Podiatrist

My life before Grace

Before Gracie-pie, I was the outgoing and social child. I was never without my posse of friends. Then my mother divorced, leaving me and my alcoholic father alone. I was kept inside the house and never saw my friends again. I was forced to develop a sense of humor in order to keep things happy and light. (Well, as light as they could be.). When I was 15 my step-mom Juliet Windkloppel and her 12 year old daughter Gracie, came into the picture, Juliet bought a different house and took me away with her. For the next couple of years, I lived with her and her only daughter Gracie. Eventually, Juliet talked to a woman she had met in college and was able, by the decree of Josie-Jo, to become my adoptive mother. I always looked forward to visits from my Uncle Windy. He was incredibly good at chess, and, without much teasing, acknowledged that I was crushing on Gracie. Soon I had finished middle school and was halfway through high school at Whitney. When I had finished High school I won a scholarship to UW. At 16 Gracie packed up her things and moved to Wisconsin with me. When I graduated college I became a foot doctor so that Gracie and I could make a living. After that, her mother had died and she insisted upon me calling her Grace, and, afraid that someone might figure out that her mother was an immigrant, had changed her maiden name to Windsor. In 1957 we had a beautiful baby girl who Grace called Angela. She says she chose this name because, "Her face is like an angel." We watched Angela grow up. She learned to ride her bike, and discovered explosives. Later, when Angela was 7 we had another child. Grace dubbed her Tabitha-Ruth, so I called her Tabby. Soon, I got a job as a Podiatrist. Grace and I had a long bout about this because she said that a podiatrist is not a real doctor. Years later we moved to Sunset Towers because Grace wanted to be closer to "Richness."

Key passage #1

"And she never will, Angela, if no one talks to her."

What this proves is that Jake will gladly take time away from his day to teach someone English. He does this, because Grace thinks he is a loser, and he does not want anyone else to think that.

Key Passage #2

"I guess murder isn't very funny."

Before this quote, Jake had made a joke about murder. When no one laughed, he said "I guess murder isn't very funny." What this proves about Jake, is that he will make a joke out of anything. He does this, because he is afraid that when people find out about Grace thinking he is a loser, they will think it's true.

Jake's Internal Conflict

Jake's I.C, is that Grace thinks is is "not a real doctor". So he always tries to defend himself because he thinks other people think that.