Boston Tea Party

By Nathan Weller

Backround info/information

  • Company planned to ship 500,000 pound of tea but plans got messed up when the Colonists got involved
  • 60 men were disguised as Mohawk Indians and they boarded the ships and dumped 342 chest of tea
  • Colonists raided three ships in the Boston harbor because of the Boston Tea Party
  • Dumped tea to protest against British taxes on tea
  • Committee of Correspondence and sons of liberty prevented Francis Rotch from unloading the tea
  • Based off the law, if the tea was not unloaded within 20 days it would be seized and sold to pay custom duties


  • People thought the tea would put patriotic merchants out of business
  • Colonists thought that if they paid for the tea other taxes would be involved
  • British passes Intolerable Acts ti punish colonists
  • Boston Tea Party was one of the events that led to the American Revolution