Isis Recruitment

By Asia Sharp

What exactly does the word 'ISIS' mean?

State of
Iraq and Al

Which are territories that the group has taken/is taking over.

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The black and whit flags shown in the pictures of the ISIS members says, "TESTIMONY." (at the very top) Meaning, "There is no god but allah, muhammad is the messenger of god." And inside the circle, it says, "allah-messenger-muhammad."

Isis not only knows how to kill, but they specifically target many women to help recruit others into the group.

One day on the CNN app on my phone, I came across a story on a Scottish girl of Muslim descent who fled to Syria hoping to join ISIS. Her name is Aqsa Mahmood, and she was only 19 when she ran away. Once she arrived, she married an ISIS soldier and became a recruiter for ISIS. Aqsa told her father, "I will see you on the day of judgement," and, "I will take you to heaven. I will hold your hand. I want to become a martyr." (A martyr is someone who is killed due to there religious beliefs, Aqsa wants to fight for what she thinks is right and serve Allah by being a member of ISIS.)

Aqsa recruits by reaching people through social media, here are a few screenshots from my phone of her blog on Tumblr:

How can we resolve the issue of American citizens fleeing to join the enemy?

We should first look at why this is happening: Because the youth is unaware of how this is impacting the nation. Maybe they have problems at home or even emotional problems that no one knows about. The US should make it known how important it is to not fall into the trap of joining one of the most dangerous terrorist groups today.