Rainbow Paris (Chapter One)

by Teagan Fuentes


This story is about three creatures with no place in mythology or the real world. Two of them are Catwings, who can also use their paws as hands, named Louvre and Eiffel. The third one has nothing at all to do with any books so far. Chakra is a DragonCat. She has wings, and can do amazing things. Anyway, these three live in a dumpster untouched by humankind, except for the young girl who always seemed to be wherever they went. She shall remain nameless for now. Anyway, time to get on with the story!

Rising Action

One night, Chakra had a dream (At least, she thought it was a dream...). A bad dream. Chakra knew this instantly, for the world around her screamed it quite plainly. Also, a bad dream for Chakra meant it was a prophecy (of sorts). Suddenly, Chakra heard squeaking. "RATS!" She thought. Chakra flopped down and stayed still, for rats won't touch a dead thing (in that world, rats only kill for sport). Not these two. They were huge and black, with teeth dripping with liquid darkness. Chakra was going to die for sport, glory, and food. "Those are probably their names. I think there's another one with them. Food's not going to be so bad," Chakra muttered,"but I won't die for the other two." She noticed a third rat. He looked slightly different, but it was too dark where he was to see much. She DID see a stone on his foot, which kind of explains what he did next. He grabbed it and threw it so far Chakra couldn't see it when it landed. But it made a lot of noise, causing the rat's companions to rush away. He came into the light nervously. He was white, with no fangs and curious, yet comforting, bluish black eyes. The rat helped Chakra stand up and said,"Don't worry. I won't hurt you. The name's Starvation, but if I had friends I'd ask them to call me Star. Now then, you're CHAKRA, right?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"I'm from the Tails of...Uh...I can't remember the name."
"Tails of Peace?"
"Yea. That one."
"Oh. OK."

Climax, Falling Action, AND Resolution

"Anyway,"said Star,"I came to make sure you don't die. I don't get why, but no one else would come." "Well," said Chakra,"thanks. But I thought this was a dream."
"Nope." Said Star."Anyway, can we be friends?"
"Of course." Said Chakra."Now let's get out of here." As the two walked away together, knowing that this was the start of a great friendship, Chakra asked, "You know something, Star?"
Star grinned. "Yeah, Chakra?"
"A few minutes ago you seemed to be my enemy. Now I get the feeling we're going to be best friends."