Genetic Technology Digital Project


Adventures in Science

In 2003, a collaborative research program called the Human Genome Project completed its draft of the human genome. This draft contains the “code of life”—the sequence of all 6 billion chemical bases that make up the 20,000 or so genes inside each human cell.

Pros of techonolgy

Genes influence many of our physical traits, provide instructions for our bodies’ functions, and, when they contain mutations, may cause diseases. Since this code was published, scientists have been working to understand what specific genes do, how they relate to illnesses, and how such illnesses can be treated.

Cons of techonolgy

If they was to change anything they would be playing with the laws of natures and could cause even more diease and could be the a very bad thing even more people could die and we need to cut back on some of this cause some people will die.