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All About Me

My name is Molly McBryde. I am 13 years old and I was born on February 6, 2002.. I have two siblings, a younger brother and an older sister. We live with our parents in Ash Flat, AR. I am very competitive and I enjoy playing sports such as Basketball and Softball. My best friends are Macy Qualls and Grace Dunn. My strengths include intelligence, ambition, persistence, and perseverance. My weaknesses include public speaking, patience, and tolerance. I would like to become a successful vet after I graduate from college and vet school. Overall, I like to live every day to the fullest and cherish every minute I am given in my happy life.

Self Esteem

My test results showed that I have a high self-esteem. This means that I collaborate well with others. I also take criticism very well and apply it to myself. I am an outgoing person with a bright personality. People with high self-esteem are generally very energetic and do not let others cloud their judgment. You do not seek the approval of others but rather rely on the approval of yourself. You also respect yourself and love yourself enough to project an image that says," I am worthy."

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I believe my results to be correct. A higher number meant that you had a great attitude whereas a lower number meant you have a negative attitude. My score was somewhere in the middle. This means that I generally have a positive attitude but sometimes situations get the better of me. I have a pretty good, optimistic outlook on things and like to see the best in everything. Although my score was still good, I will work to improve it and be the best, most positive person I am capable of.
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Career Aptitude

I do not think that my results were correct. My test suggested that I should be a Software developer or a Urologist or even a pharmacist, but I do not believe this to be true. However, my test results were correct in one way. I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and because vets practice medicine and my results suggested careers that had to do with medicine, they were partially correct. I love animals whether big or small, ugly or cute, friendly or not. I have always had a way with animals and I want to pursue that connection by becoming a successful veterinarian.
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Learning Style

Knowing your learning style can help you develop study habits that fit to your unique style. There are three main types of learning styles: Tactile(kinesthetic), Auditory, and Visual.

Tactile means that you learn by touch. Auditory means that you learn by hearing information and processing it that way. Visual means that you learn and process information by seeing it. My results said that I am a Tactile learner and they were correct. I learn by taking notes, making flashcards, looking at charts, and even playing games to learn information. Knowing this I can take it into consideration and improve my study habits to fit my learning style.

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Personality Type

My personality type was ESFJ. This means that I focus on deciding things more by how I feel rather than logic. It also means that I get along with other people well. I collaborate well and I like to work in groups. People with ESFJ personality are warm-hearted and very energetic. They are outgoing and usually happy all the time. My results are correct because all these things describe me.
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Brain Dominance

After taking the brain dominance test, my results told me that I am left- brain dominant. Those who are left-brained tend to identify themselves as being good at math and logic. This side of the brain deals more in logic, numbers, reasoning, and statistics. People with left-brain dominance like to get things done quick and efficiently. My results were correct because I am good with numbers and I like to use reasoning as my mode of making decisions. I am a good math student in school and I like to get tasks done quickly and organized.
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Personality Color

Different colors can represent a variety of things. They can represent one's mood or even someone's favorite color, but in this case it represents your personality. After taking a personality color test, it was concluded that my personality color is red. People with red personality type are usually quite active, cheerful, and optimistic. They are often very competitive also and do not settle for second best. This very well describes me because I like to play sports and when I do I tend to get very competitive and never back down from a challenge.
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