Issue #72

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December 7-14

We are in the first week of Q2 Cycle 2 with our FLEX Friday projects starting this Friday 12/9. If you haven't registered, please do so now (via this link or QR code below) for our Q2 FLEX Friday alternative learning cycle. We have a lot of exciting projects in store for students, as a means of earning extra credits, and staying engaged with school.


Monday 12/12- Pajama Day or wear Black

Tuesday 12/13- Super Hero Day or wear Yellow

Wednesday 12/14- 80's/90's Day or wear Pink

Thursday 12/15- Sports Day or wear Blues

Friday 12/16- Holiday Dress or wear Red and Green

St. Paul College Field Trip (SIGN UP DEADLINE FRIDAY 12/9)

Saint Paul College Field Trip

When: December 13, 2022

Where: Saint Paul College

Time: 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

How to sign Up: Complete the questions on this form (Remember that all responses are confidential and are only accessible by Gordon Parks Chaperone(s)/Staff)


If you are a student who is interested in getting information and/or attending St. Paul College, please sign up for this field trip opportunity. You will receive a campus tour and information about the college. We will leave GP at 10:00 a.m. and arrive back by 12:30 p.m. Students will be directed to eat lunch upon their return to Gordon Parks.

Any questions, please see Ms. Saunders.

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GPHS Student Leadership Group Info: Next Meeting is tomorrow 12/8 at 1:30PM in the GPHS Library

Would you like to be a student leader and participate in the decision-making centered around our school and community-based events/activities? If so, then join the Gordon Parks Student Leadership Team on 12/8 at 1:30PM. Joining this team will not only enhance and/or build your leadership skills, but it will provide you an opportunity to be actively involved in developing fun and educational events that would benefit all students and staff at Gordon Parks. In order for you to join you must meet the following expectation criteria:

  1. Model healthy and positive behavior in school, classroom, and community

  2. Take your leadership role seriously, as this is a reflection of you and your school

  3. School and community ambassador

  4. Complete credits toward graduation

  5. Attend class consistently

If you are interested and meet the expectation criteria, please join us at our next meeting on 12/8 at 1:30PM in the library.

Thank You,

Ms. Saunders and Ms. Fountain

Student Leadership Facilitators


Friendly Math

In this project we will learn personal finance, consumer math, and algebra 1 to receive algebra 1 credit.

Credit Area: Algebra 1

Teacher: Anupma Sharma

Creative Expressions/Chess Club

In this project students will create artistic expressions via poems, drawing, stories, paintings or comic books. Chess Club will also be in session.

Credit Areas: English

Teacher: Jamie Hagg

Critical Ethnic Studies Capstone Project

The Critical Ethnic Studies Capstone Project represents the learning and growth of students who have participated in the CES course so far this semester. In this project, you will identify a social issue that impacts your community and bring awareness to it by planning and carrying out an action that will make an impact outside of our classroom walls. What kind of positive change do you hope to make? Note: This project is linked to the CES course curriculum and current CES students are highly encouraged to join. Contact Ms. Cavanaugh with any questions.

Credit Areas: Elective, U.S. History, Human Geography, U.S. Government, English

Teacher: Mara Cavanaugh

Cookies, Crafts, and Careers

Baking!, Crafting!!, and learning how these can apply to future career opportunities!!! Lets see what we can make for ourselves and our loved ones. With hands on opportunities, and career exploration, who is ready to learn and creat with us?

Credit Areas: CTE or Science

Teachers: Sharon Stone & Kyra Warner

Science Fair

Interested in earning chemistry credit? Then register for this PBL. You will be conducting an original science project with a chemistry question using the scientific method. You will develop a question, form a hypothesis, collect data with analysis and then formulate a conclusion.

Credit Areas: Chemistry or Biology

Teacher: Merridith Joly


In this project we will explore examples of utopian societies and dystopian futures as shared on screen and in writing. Students will learn about government and history while examining the possibilities of life in a perfect world and create their own utopian (or dystopian) civilizations.

Credit Areas: Elective, U.S. Government, World History

Teacher: Mr. Johnson

Photography, Storytelling & Action: "TRANSITIONS / REDUX"

Join this project if you're interested in creative expression, storytelling and University Avenue! Project Description: Using photography, storytelling and civic engagement, we are going to examine (through photography and storytelling) how the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit has impacted University Avenue over the last 10 years, and continue a highly successful project that Gordon Parks High School students made between 2009-2014! We're going to 1) watch & discuss films, 2) write interview questions, 3) EAT POPCORN!

Credit Areas: Art, English

Teachers: Jamie Tomlin & Paul Creager

Personal Finance

Do you want to learn more about Cryptocurrency? Alternatives to 4 year colleges? Racial Discrimination in Finance? Buying a Car? Money and Me? Enterpreneurship? Ethics? Philanthropy? Register for this PBL to work on mini-units in personal finance and earn algebra 2 credit. (You must be finished with intermediate algebra to register for this PBL)

Credit Area: Algebra 2

Teacher: Ms. Nichols

Math in Sports

Students will learn about the different ways math is in sports. We will explore Statistics, Scale Modeling, Careers, and other math topics in the world of sports. We will play fantasy Basketball this cycle.

Credit: Algebra 1 or Geometry

Teacher: Mr. Zangs

Images of War: Past & Present

This project will explore through film and photography major conflicts in US and World History. (WWII, Vietnam War, WWI, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Ukraine-Russia War, etc.) Students will be engaged in assessing the social, political, psychological and human aspects of US wars. We will look at how US wars past and present have unified and divided our country and influenced the world. Finally, we will explore the multiple ways these wars have affected soldiers, their families and civilians.

Credit: U.S. History, World History or Human Geography

Teacher: Mr. Davies


Learn the rules, strategy and history of Badminton. We will practice and play doubles and singles games.

Credit: PE

Teacher: Mr. Bednar


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Please click the "One IMPORTANT REMINDER: Click the link below to do your annual update of your info for this school year.


I recognize that we are still experiencing challenging times with the pandemic, racism, and economic uncertainty. As we stand together through these times, let us think about the African proverb, It Takes a Village, We are the village. An entire community of people. I can't wait to connect with you and find out what your goals are. As we start the year, please remember that I'm here to support you, you can be successful, and we are having a fantastic year!