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1st Grade Book Character Parade

This week students in grade 1 had the opportunity to dress as their favorite character from a book and we had a school wide parade to celebrate reading! The costumes were great and thank you to the grade 1 teachers for organizing this fun event!
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Parent Teacher Conferences

With Parent Teacher Conferences right around the corner (Nov 14th 4-6:30 and Nov 15th 6-8:30) we thought it would be a good time to talk about the importance of PT Conferences.

When it comes to your child, we all have something in common: we all want your child to do well! When parents and teachers have a chance to talk we have a great opportunity to share essential information about your child’s strengths, needs and areas of concern. In order to ensure an effective Parent Teacher Conference there are a few things you can do as a parent to be prepared.

- Review your child’s work.

- Talk with your child about their concerns and how they think they are doing in school

- Make a list of questions before hand

- Think about the ways you would like to be involved in your child’s education and the things you do to support learning at home.

During the meeting remember, it should be a two-way conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The teachers here at HBB want your child to be successful and it can be tough to communicate everything in just a 10 min conference, so don’t be afraid to ask for a time to follow up through email or phone call.

In closing please remember that our goal is to ensure a solid home-school partnership. Research shows that when teachers and parents work together we increase the likelihood of success for your child. We are all in this together!


Thank you to everyone who sent in their BOXTOPS. We raised $876!!! The winning classes for each grade were

Grade 1 – Mrs. Trottier

Grade 2 - Mrs. McLaughlin

Grade 3 - Ms. Procknik

Grade 4 - Mrs. Cooley

Grade 5 - Mrs. Beird

Mrs. Procknik’s class was also the overall winner and willhave their name engraved on the BOXTOPS Plaque!

It's Getting Cold Out!

Please remember to send your child to school dressed appropriately for the weather! Kids go out everyday for recess, unless it is raining, and we want to make sure that all students have warm clothing, jackets,

Haunted Hamburger Hut

This week Mrs. Cardarelli's class hosted a Haunted Hamburger Hut. They set up a mock restaurant and the students took turns being customers, wait staff and cashiers. Staff came as customers too! Students took orders and needed to work with decimals (adding and subtracting) as well as percent to determine the tax and making of change. Most importantly.....they were having fun while learning math!

Important Note About Absences and Tardies


Under Massachusetts State Law, absences over seven (7) full days and fourteen (14) half days may be considered ‘chronic.” Also under state law, in order to address chronic absenteeism, the school principal or designee must make an effort to meet with the parent or guardian of a student who has had five (5) unexcused absences in order to develop action steps for student attendance.

An absence, tardy or dismissal is excused by a doctor’s/dentist’s note or a court document. In some instances, there are other extenuating circumstances in which there is an excusal. Please note: a vacation is not excused. If you have doctor’s notes or legal documents excusing absences, days tardy, or dismissals, please send these in as soon as possible. We will then excuse these days in our attendance reporting system.

In order for your child to be successful in school, it is imperative that he/she be in school every day. Research has shown that when a child is not in school on a consistent basis, the child is at a higher risk of performing poorly in school. Even when a child is absent due to valid reasons, the child often has difficulty academically and socially due to missed instruction and opportunities for social interactions with peers at school.


Students are expected to be in the building by 8:50 each morning. Students entering later than 8:50 will be marked tardy to school. First thing each morning, teachers preview the day and help students organize their materials and belongings that came from home. Extra support and/or enrichment opportunities occur each morning from 9:00-9:30.

Please be aware that when there is inclement weather, many more students are dropped off to school in the morning. Therefore, there is sometimes a longer line than usual for drop offs. We encourage you to plan accordingly on these days.

Paws-itive Office Referrals

Congratulations to all our students who were sent to the office this week for being Burkland's BEST! Great Job!
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News and Notes from the Middleborough Public Library

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Congratulations to our ART Students of the Month!

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