AEEA Rep Council Meeting Summary

January 28, 2019

California Casualty

A rep from CA Casualty came and told us about some of the benefits of auto and home insurance with them. They cater to specific types of job like firefighters and teachers, so their coverage is a little more customized to our needs.

Things they can help with:

  • Waive deductible when your car is damaged at work
  • Cover your personal property if it's damaged/lost in your classroom
  • Identity theft
  • Roadside assistance
  • Several other things - I'll post the flyer he gave us.

For a comparison, you can call 866-253-4997 or go to (Robert Stiehl is our rep).

Visit from Superintendent Downing

Mr. Downing came and explained to us his proposals for tiered support of our schools based on need. Basically, not every school needs the same supports, so we need to be more thoughtful about, for example, providing more support to bigger or higher need schools. To answer this, they've already hired split Leadership Assistants and LMAs to support our larger schools.

He has many more proposals for next year. Our schools are divided into 3 tiers of need, and they'll receive different amounts of staffing. He made it clear that no school is decreasing in staffing to support increased staffing at the higher need schools - these are added positions. Some positions he is proposing:

  • Leadership Assistant
  • Nurse (there will be some kind of medical professional on site at every school at all times)
  • More music teachers
  • Funding 1 Instructional Coach instead of the current 0.5
  • 2 "Tech Support" (I asked about this to clarify if he meant TA, TST, DLC...he said they'll look at each individual school and determine need)
  • LMA
  • Attendance Liaison (new in addition to the FACES)
  • Additional office assistant
  • 0.5 "Cerficated Equity Champion (restorative practices, training, attendance support)" This is kind of like a FACES but certificated, and is a new position.

Union Responses/Questions

  • Will there be subs funded? (Not through this)
  • Will schools have the ability to choose how funds are used? (He said he was open to it)
  • CC & DLC need to be modernized/combined
  • Where is the money coming from? He says we can certainly afford it and have a responsibility to afford it.
  • Want more help IN classroom, not marginal support staff
  • How will behavior problems be supported better? He says they're looking into programs; trainings will include admin
  • Is there a plan in place for long-term absences of people like nurses etc?
  • He says music will be a site decision: 2 50% general/instrumental, or a single 100% who does both
  • Want IAs especially for K & TK. He pointed out that funding the 100% CC means the 50% most schools are currently paying is freed up for sites to spend.


This has teachers a bit nervous. They're worried that they'll be bumped. The truth is, no one will lose their JOB, but they may lose their POSITION. For most schools, at today's staff meeting, there should have been a conversation asking BCLAD teachers if they want a DLI position. Based on the results that come in, we'll know how many teachers we already have who want a DLI spot. They will most likely not be forcing people with BCLADs who do NOT want to do it into a DLI position. However, that would mean hiring from out of district and not rehiring current temps to make numbers work.

5.2 of the contract can illustrate more about transferring etc.

Other News

  • Multi-Track-Single-Track Committee is working on an MOU for those who made off-track travel plans, etc., who will no longer be off-track due to the change.
  • Good Teaching Conference, March 22-24: AEEA will pay your fee if you want to go. It's in Garden Grove. Contact me or Faith.
  • #RedForEd - Keep wearing red on Tuesdays! It's bargaining time and the red shows unity.
  • Negotiations start Monday Feb 4 - wear your blue union shirt

Calling in sick: People were not happy with an email that went out yesterday asking people not to call in "sick". I didn't get it myself; not sure if any of you did. In any case, they didn't like the implication. At the same time, apparently subs can legally get sub pay by accepting a job and then canceling it.