Wildcat Weekly

Week of December 14

Downton Abbey For Text Santa - Part One

Congratulations to our amazing fine and performing arts programs!

The Electric Orchestra and the Panyard Percussion groups presented their winter concerts last Thursday. See a performance from Evolution here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeTLB0DYKRk

And here's a link to the percussion concert:


The Choir presented the entertaining and beautiful Madrigal Dinner to packed houses on Friday and Saturday!

We also received word Friday that three 2D and 3 3D artworks will be on display at the Dallas Museum of Art from February 27-April 17! These six are a part of only 49 chosen out of 525! Then from Music Theory we have one of six finalists. Finally, three of our students made it to the semifinal round in art history research!

Congrats to all of our fine and performing arts teachers for their hard work and high expectations!

Happy Birthday!

Heather Morse – Dec. 14

Rodney Belcher – Dec. 16

Cynthia Gallatin – Dec. 19

Kate Piatt – Dec. 19

Rebecca Fleeger – Dec. 22

Chris Fisher – Dec. 27

Lori Calloway – Dec. 28

Dean Christian – Dec. 31

Amy Dehdari – Jan. 2

Upcoming Events


Don't forget that on Friday we will meet in the cafe at 11:30 for a light lunch and a few end of the year details before you leave at 3.



· JV & VARSITY LADY CATS vs. Plano East on Friday, Dec. 18th at Plano East. JV plays at 6pm & Varsity at 7:30pm.



· JV & VARSITY CATS vs. Plano East on Friday, Dec. 18th at PSHS. JV plays at 6pm & Varsity at 7:30pm.


· JV & VARSITY CATS at Plano West Dual on Thursday, Dec. 17th at Plano West. Start time is 6:30pm.

· VARSITY CATS at Anadarko OK Dual Tournament on Friday, Dec. 18th & Saturday, Dec. 19th at Anadarko HS, Oklahoma. Start time is Fri. at 6:30pm & Sat. at 9am.

· JV CATS at Wylie Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 19th at Wylie HS. Start time is 9am.


· WILDCATS vs. Plano West on Sunday, Dec. 20th at the McKinney Dr. Pepper StarCenter. Game time is 7:30pm.

Plano Hockey T-shirts on Sale NOW! Contact Jodie Rea – jodierea@sbcglobal.net

Don't miss Plano Wildcat Hockey!! Exciting!! Action Packed!! No Entry Fees!!


If you've been thinking about applying for a grant for your classroom, be sure to follow these guidelines: http://inside.pisd/campus/campus_services/PrincipalNotebookinside.pisd.shtml


Please take a minute and go to planoseniorptsa.org to join our wonderful PTSA. Let's win the 100% participation award for staff participation! They deserve our support.

Amazon donates a portion the purchase price to the customer's favorite charity. Plano Senior High School PTSA is one of the charitable organizations.

I'm not sure what percentage per purchase is donated, but every little bit helps! Here's a link for more information:


Motor Coach Guidelines

Please note a slight change in the Motor Coach Guidelines. Under #5, while it is the responsibility of the bus drive to load/unload luggage, there are some instances with some of the larger groups that assistance will be needed with the larger equipment and luggage. Therefore, student loading crews may assist with loading equipment, but they are not permitted to enter the cargo bay. Please be sure that students never enter the cargo bay.

This information is updated on inside.pisd

Holiday Cards

There is a folderin the PSHS share drive marked Holiday Cards. Emails of holiday wishes from across the district are posted there for your viewing pleasure.

Notice from Benefits

We wanted to give you an update regarding the Onsite Wellness Testing. The District will not be participating in the on-site wellness testing this year (2015-2016) with the traditional provider. While this testing will not be available on-site, you should continue to follow-up with your own private health care provider. Please remember, in most cases, true preventive/wellness care is usually covered at 100% from an in-network doctor by most insurance plans – this is due to requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Please contact your doctor and/or insurance plan to discuss coverage to maintain your own personal health and wellness.


Nikki James, Coordinator for Employee Benefits

Plano ISD, 6301 Chapel Hill Blvd, Plano TX 75093

Phone: (469)752-8138

Need to print an ID card: TRS-ActiveCare – http://www.aetnanavigator.com Prescription – http://www2.caremark.com/trsactivecare

Scott & White HMO – https://trs.swhp.org/request-id-card Dental – http://www.deltadentalins.com

View Benefits Information: http://www.pisd.edu/benefits

View Leave Information: http://pisd.edu/staff/leave/index.shtml

End of the Year

From the Registrars:

  1. Now would be a REALLY good time for you to run a semester grade report from your grade book to check for blanks. Blanks are not our friends so we do not want to see any.
  2. If you are missing grades, please email us right away and we’ll help you. Please let me know the grades if you have recently cleared an “I” from the 1st or 2nd six weeks (yes, there are still some left)

  3. ALSO – please remember to clear those Incompletes and send me the grade. If you have to leave an “I” or give one for the 3rd six weeks or the exam, you MUST also have an “I” for the semester grade. It’s very easy to overwrite and do this so please ask for help if you need it.

  4. When you turn in your grades, I only need the CLASS SEMESTER GRADE REPORT. (showing all six weeks, exam, and semester grade)

    You do not need to turn in the six week report.

    Please make sure you do not have any blanks.

    Please make sure you have given an “I” for the semester if you have an “I” anywhere.

From Ms. Gow:

  1. If you teach a course/class that is only one semester we need to make sure all books are counted & collected before semester break!
  2. In addition, if you have students who have changed classes during the semester or will be doing so at semester – we need to account for those textbooks and equipment too.
  3. Therefore, please use the template resent out this morning (like we do at the end of the year) to enter student names & ALL their information to report missing textbooks/equipment and fines for the first semester & send it to me.
  4. It is imperative that we all use the same form so I can copy & paste it to the master list.
  5. ATTN SPONSORS: If you have any money you have collected for dues, fees, t-shirts and/or fundraisers please turn it into me ASAP so we can get it all deposited before winter break.

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

From Academic Support:

  1. We recommend you discuss with students who regularly test in Academic Support about what accommodation they may need for the semester exam. All accommodated exams are administered in the library due to the large volume of students.
  2. We will provide you later with exam testing envelopes, instructions, and a list of students who have signed up.
  3. Thank you!