From Cacao Beans To Chocolate

By: Cele Jensen


Did you know that long go people thought chocolate can cure cancer? Chocolate started as a bean from a tree. I'm going to tell you where chocolate comes from, how its made and fun facts.

Where Chocolate Comes From

Chocolate started as a bean from a cacao tree.Cacao beans come from tropical places. The pods beans grow for many months.

How Chocolate Is Made

Split the pod so you get the beans. Then dry the beans in the sunlight for a few days. Next roast the beans to get flavor and color. Then remove the shells. Then the trains take the beans to the factory. Next they smash the beans. Then they mix milk and sugar in the chocolate. Then they pour the chocolate into containers called molds. Finally the trucks take the chocolate to stores to sell.

Fun Facts About Chocolate

Hershey is a brand that uses chocolate. Fruit pods can be as big as a pineapple. In a pod there is twenty to fifty beans in a pod.


Now you know how to make chocolate. I hope you enjoyed my writing. I picked chocolate because it's one of my favorite treats.
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