Dive in 2 Digital Citizenship

Project ideas to teach and practice Digital Citizenship

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What is digital citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is an umbrella term that covers online behaviors. This includes appropriate and responsible sharing, staying safe online, being respectful of others, and respecting the property and identity of others.

Choose one activity to try with your students.

Activity 1 - Be Internet Awesome with Google

Goolge has created a Digital Citizenship program that allows students to play their way through learning important Digital Citizenship concepts.

Be Internet Awesome with Interland


Google Interland Posters and Curriculum

Download your "Be Internet Awesome" posters to visually support the learning taking place in your room. Help your students get a better understanding of the 5 lessons contained in these resources using their curriculum linked below.

Be Internet Awesome Poster

Be Internet Awesome Curriculum

Activity 2 - Flocabulary Oversharing

Flocaublary is video platform that includes a library of songs set to the moving rhythms of hip hop beats. If you are used to hearing your students reciting the lyrics to their favorite songs, imagine them rapping the lyrics of a song based on the concepts you are teaching as well. Throw in the fact that our district pays for Flocabulary and you've got a win-win situation on your hands! Take a look at the Flocabulary Digital Citizenship Video and some of the new tools you can use with it.

Flocabulary Oversharing Video

Comprehension Activities

Flocabulary now has 4 comprehension activities for each video located on the buttons to the left of the video. Use and add to the vocabulary cards by clicking the Vocab icon. The Read & Respond option provides additional reading to support the video with response questions. If you are interested in getting data with less reading, the Quiz option is better for you. Use the Create option to allow your students to create their own rhyming video.

Activity 3 - Nearpod Digital Citizenship Lessons

Nearpod and Common Sense Media teamed up to create these interactive digital citizenship lessons using the Nearpod platform. There are lessons for all ages. Lessons include slides, videos, and thoughtful questions along the way. Remember, you are in control of the pace and the discussion. You will also get immediate feedback from your students during the lessons.

Digital Learning Day

If you are using this activity in your classroom on #DLday, the RVAITRTs would love to hear about it and share the amazing things you are doing in the classroom.