The Wrath Of The Taliban

The Taiiban

The Taliban emerged in the 1990's in northern Pakistan. When the Taliban came to power they promised to restore peace and security as well as enforcing their own austere of sharia. Once the Taliban came to power they forbid girls over the age of 10 to go to school, also banning television, music, cinema. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE recognized the Taliban when they were in power but Pakistan was the one of the last country that broke diplomatic ties with them. Pakistan Prime minister Nawaz Sharif has set a harder line against the Taliban an said "Talking to the militants is one of his priorities".

Three key Pakistan Taliban leaders were killed in Us drone bombings. Mullah Nazir, Waliur Rehman, and Hakimullah Mehsud were killed in those bombings. Since then there is evidence that their influence in karachi had increased.

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