Mandela Made History

By: Daisy Gonzalez, Steven DaLaRosa, Kayla Soto


Mandela wanted to abolish apartheid. Apartheid is the legal segregation of whites and blacks.


1) In the story of Mandela Made History it states, " Mandela helped split the ANC into small groups, which fanned into black neighborhoods and encouraged blacks not to accept apartheid. Blacks should make their own freedom as much as possible, Mandela said. Why? Accepting the status qou, he said, was a defeat. Mandela's efforts got him arrested for treason, but he was acquitted after a long trial."

2) In the story of Mandela Made History it states, " In 1990, the South African government finally responded to international pressure and released Mandela. The activist became leader of the ANC. By this time, the country's government had become more flexible; Mandela worked with leaders to end apartheid. For their efforts, Mandela and President F.W. de Klerk shared the Nobel Peace Prize."


1) In 1948, white people elected the National party to power. No black people were able to prevent this they were not able to vote.

2) Mandela split the ANC into small groups to tell people to not give in to the apartheid.

3) The government ban that people ti fight apartheid.

4) "Mandela's presidency ended in 1999, but his legacy will live forever. "

5) On May 2, 1994, Mandela became the first black President of South Africa. While in office he made a new constitution for everyone to have rights and freedom.

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