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Community Newsletter - September 20, 2021

A Message from Principal Blair

This week our students completed the first round of STAR Renaissance testing. This assessment provides a baseline for each student's math and reading level. After each quarterly assessment, students will move fluidly in and out of interventions. We want to ensure our students are receiving the academic support they need.


Thursday - 7th Grade Social Studies & 8th Grade RLA

JMS is launching an ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE! Each week, we will update the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) by grade level. At the end of the nine week cycle, the grade level with the highest percentage will participate in a Mini-Field Day! Our campus goal is 97% each day. Here are this week's averages:

6th Grade - 89%

7th Grade - 95%

8th Grade - 92%

*Our campus received funding based on attendance at 9:02 AM each day. Please keep this in mind anytime you are scheduling appointments during the school day.*

Cougar Proud,

Kelly Blair

This Week @ JMS

Monday, September 20

  • Top 10 HERO - Pizza Party @ 2:15
  • Home Volleyball vs. Salado
  • WIN time - Grade Checks

Tuesday, September 21

  • Student Council Informational Meeting @ 7:15 AM
  • WIN time - Character Education

Wednesday, September 22

  • WIN time - Drop Everything and Read

JMS Parent Night

6th Grade 5:00-6:00 PM

7th & 8th Grade 6:00-7:00 PM

Thursday, September 23

  • WIN time - Character Education
  • Pep Rally @ 3:15 PM
  • Home Football vs. Gonzalez
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Library Notes & Tech Tips from Mrs. Martone

This week begins the month-long celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. The JMS library has two book displays of titles written by Hispanic Americans, titles about Hispanic culture, History, and the contributions of Hispanic Americans. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a National Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia Contest at the end of this month. Check out the Library of Congress' National Hispanic Heritage site for more great resources!

Attendance Notifications to Start Monday

Beginning Monday, September 20, Jarrell Middle School families will begin receiving notifications through emails and phone calls regarding their child’s absences. These notifications will support regular and punctual school attendance.

Good attendance will help your children do well in high school, college, and work. Whether absences are excused or unexcused, they all represent lost time in the classroom and a lost opportunity to learn. If your children miss 18 days, just one day every two weeks, this will negatively impact their ability to graduate on time.

Did you know attendance matters as early as pre-K and kindergarten? Children who miss too many days in the early years may have trouble with reading by the end of third grade. Too many absent students can affect the entire class, slowing down instruction as your child’s teacher tries to help each student keep up with the work.

For students, going to school is important for social and emotional wellness. Attendance means they don’t miss out and can spend more time learning with their friends.

Remember, attendance matters!

Counselor's Corner - Mrs. Hardt & Ms. Arms

Executive function—also known as “the management system of the brain”—is the mental processing and related skills that help us plan, organize, and focus in order to complete a task or solve a problem. Executive function allows your student to develop skills such as:

  • Paying attention
  • Organizing, planning, and prioritizing
  • Finishing tasks
  • Being able to understand different points of view
  • Self-regulating their emotions
  • Self-monitoring

While executive functioning skills begin to develop in early childhood they continue into the teen years, and can extend into the mid-twenties. It is not uncommon for some students to lag behind their peers, and that gap becomes more evident during the transition from elementary to middle school, a time during which many students struggle with organization. A lack of effective executive function skills can negatively affect a student academically, socially, and emotionally. How can you help your student?

  • Checklists: help your student make and keep lists—things to do, things to pack
  • Planner: teach your student how to use their phone or a calendar to record due dates and tasks
  • Rational: Explain to your student why and the importance of completing tasks or learning something new
  • Routine: Work with your student to establish a routine
  • Problem Solving: Pose questions to your student and role play how they would address a similar problem
  • Goals: Develop goals and track their progress (they also do this at school)
  • Rewards: Work with your student to identify rewards for meeting goals
  • Self-control: Review techniques like “stop and think” and breathing exercises

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 28

  • Opening Night Fall Show @ 6:30 PM

Wednesday, September 29

  • Fall Show Performance @ 6:30 PM

Thursday, September 30

  • Volleyball @ Burnet
  • Football @ Taylor

Saturday, October 2

  • Cross Country @ JHS

Monday, October 4

  • Home Volleyball vs. Taylor

JMS Office Staff

Kelly Blair, Principal

Daren Childs, Assistant Principal

Brad Louder, Dean of Students

Korin Hardt, Counselor

Leasa Arms, Counselor

Mandy Crane, Admin Assistant

Betty Peralta, Registrar

Patricia Esquivel, Attendance Clerk

Tristyn Lopez, Campus Secretary