3d Printing

By: Mikael

What is 3d Printing

3d Printing is when you use computer programming to design something on the computer and send that to the machine to print it out in 3d. Another thing is it can be used for many uses from small things to big things like making toys or even something so big as trying to print a real working airplane wing.

Toy Or High Tech Machine

3d Printing is used for both. They are now being sold for $300 which is the cheapest brand for kids who want to use 3d Printing at a lower level. The more high-tech 3d Printers can be used to repair actual human skin. That could help someone in war who got injured.

Who Invented The 3d Printer

Chuck Hull is the inventor of the 3d printer. He had the idea in 1939 when he was experimenting with UV lights. On July 16 1984 he patented the stereolithography process.
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