Irrgegular galaxies

irregular galaxy

What are galaxies

Galaxies are a huge group of stars that are clusters ,dust,and gas that bond togeather.


Galaxies are a big cluster full of gas and dust that make more new stars.

How many types of galaxies are there?

There are six galaxies the names of the galaxies are Barred galaxy,Irregular,Sprial,Peculiar,Elliptical,Lenticular

You may be asking what and Irregular galaxy is?

A irregular galaxy is a galaxy that is semicrical and it is small with a lot of young stars and bright. They also have a lot of gas and dust that form newborn stars. Also they are two smallest galaxies so they cant orbit around the milkway.

When are irregular galaxies found?

Sometimes irregular galaxies are visable in the spiral galxay.

Irregulars why are they sometimes seen?

Irregular galaxies are sometimes seen with the spiral because Irregular galaxies are very rare type of galaxy to see and you are lucky if you seen one before.
What is an Irregular Galaxy?