Unit 4 summative assessment

By: Matthew Gilbert



Power can shift at any moment, in any country, in any group. No one ever has all the power in the world.
You see power shifting all, the time. It might be in a movie, book, or right in front of you eyes. Your group of friends might have that kid who is considered the "leader" in your group. He makes all the decisions of who's house you will hang out at or what party you go to, but your group friends might realize they don't like him so they over throw him. In the book and movie trilogy, The Hunger Games, The capital has all the power, but Katniss and the rest of the districts overthrow the capital in the third book. In the new Star Wars movie, the bad side has the power but the rebels take over. In the Hunger Games and Star Wars either one or two people can make a big difference.
Power is like a roller coaster. There are many twist and turns on the way to power and you don't know whats going to happen next.


a real world example would be when Britain had control over America. The Americans seized control over the British and made America a free nation.
Hypothesis: I predict that the power in thew world can shift dramatically in the next few years. When Obama isn't president anymore, a new person will be in charge of our country.


IN my life, the power shifts in my family all the time. Sometimes my mom is in power, and sometimes my dad is. I might be i power when I am home with just my brother and sister.

6 word story

Power is shifting all around you.