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Suicide Squad ( movie article)

Have you ever been the problem child? Suicide Squad is about how ruthless general, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), recruits the most wanted, low-life villains to help with some of the most dangerous black ops missions to help save the Earth from dangerous threats. Meanwhile, The Joker (Jared Leto) has plans of his own. If anything goes wrong, the government isn’t responsible for it, therefore it will be blamed on the “suicide squad”. The government has planted a bomb in the back of all nine of their necks, so if they try to escape or fight against the government they detonate. This mission is all depending on this crew of villains actions to prevail over impossible events that lie in front of them and what may become the “suicide mission”. Will the squad die trying or declare every man for themselves? Well, you are going to have to watch Suicide Squad to find out.

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Nursery Rhyme Story ( On Top Of Spaghetti)

On Sunday July 23, 2011, at 6:37 p.m. Erica Johnson and her family went to Lucio’s Italian Restaurant. The 14-year-old girl went to dinner with a cold and couldn’t stop sneezing. The waitress brought her younger brother a spaghetti and meatball dish. When her younger brother was starting to dig in, Erica had sneezed so hard it sent a meatball covered in cheese flying into the air and rolling along the floor. And it wouldn't stop rolling until it hit Leafy Garden and went under a bush. Then the meatball turned into mush a few days later. Leafy Garden had closed on May 13, 2013, and turned into Open Springs outdoor mall. During construction, the mush had started to grow. On Thursday April 8, 2014, at 2:06 p.m. someone had reported a giant tree with a beautiful moss, thick meatballs, and a pasty sauce. The Westport Police Department (W.P.D.) reported the tree had grown 26 feet tall and quite thick. Johnson and her family were all in shock when they heard about the tree. Everyone still remains safe in this giant meatball surprise and no destruction has been caused.

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Gymnastics taking the world by storm ( Feature Story)

Gymnastics has been around over 2000 years. Gymnastics is an Olympic sport performed both by men and women all around the world. For some Olympians we see today, they started gymnastics between the 2 and 5 years old, and they trained around every other day competing every winter and spring. That was when they were younger. Kids today are competing between the end of January and to the beginning of May. Women's gymnastics contains of four events. They are bar, beam, floor exercise, and vault. Once you become a novice optional, that is when you are required to wear long sleeved leotard in order to compete. Men’s gymnastics contains of six events. Still rings, pommel horse, floor exercise, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bars. Both the men and women do floor exercise and vault the same, they just have different routines. However, when your a level one, you have the baby vault. Once your grow a few levels, you do a bigger vault and soon the one we mostly see on the Olympics, the horse vault also referred to as the vault table. Both men and women do bars, but the women do a different kind of bar than the men. The men do horizontal and vertical bars, but the women do the uneven bars. When you are between level one and junior Olympic level 10, there are three judges watching and scoring you. When you're in the Olympics, between four to nine judges score you. Most people don't actually know this, but there are around four types of gymnastics. The most common is just called gymnastics and the second most common is rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is when you dance to a floor exercise routine with a heavy ball, ribbon or lace, hula hoop, or a bowling pin.

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Mom Trades Twins for Lottery Tickets (Tabloid)

On June 5th, 2012, a mom named Audrey Jones got caught trading her kids, Amelia Rae Jones and Reese Nicole Jones, for lottery tickets in Denver, Colorado. The person trading was wearing a black jacket with brown hair and green/blue eyes. The person giving her the tickets had blonde hair, green eyes, and was wearing a purple polo. The twins were last seen wearing pink dresses. The person giving the tickets is still unknown. Witnesses called the police and reported the mom. The person still took the twins and drove away in a red SUV with the licence number, A19-713. The twins were found three towns away in a hotel named Ashfalls Hotel. They were sent back home to live with there dad, Donnie Ray Jones, while Audrey was sentenced for 30 years in prison. So far she has 26 more years to go and the twins are 5 years old now.

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Favorite App

In 2012, The Game of Life came out as an app and it costs $0.99 in the app store. The game is fairly easy to learn but first before you can play, you need to add your name so you have your character. One to two people can play at a time and the run time for this game is approximately 45 minutes. You can play against a computer, a friend on Facebook, or someone that you are with. However if you are playing with a friend on Facebook, there is an in-game chat feature, but you can only use emojis. When you start up the game, you will choose whether you attend college or start a career. Based on my experiences, it's always the people that chose career first that are more likely to start off with the money and lose it in the end. If you choose college, then you will end up saving all your money but spend it occasionally based on the things that happen in your character's life. Then you spin the spinner to see who goes first, so whoever gets the highest number starts the game. When the first player goes, they will tap on the screen to spin the spinner and move their car the amount of spaces needed. It has all the events of what could and more than likely will happen in your life, like getting married, getting in a car accident, paying student loans, having kids, etc. You will get a career eventually in the game, and you will make money when you pass or land on a payday square. During the whole game, you earn life points and they help you win the game. You will know when the game is complete when everyone is at their retirement and the money for each player will be counted and the wealthiest player wins the game.