AVID Elementary News

October 2015

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  • Team Huddle
  • Artifacts from VPS AVID schools

Activity Idea: “Team Huddle”

Creating a safe and positive learning environment is important for student success in the AVID Elementary classroom. Allowing students the opportunity to collaborate creates a climate for open communication, creativity, trust and appreciating individual differences. This activity works great in the beginning of the year as a team building activity and it can also be applied to any content or curriculum area.

Materials: lively music

Audience: students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members

Variations: ice breaker for staff meetings, parent workshops, and community events


•Instruct participants to move around the room when they hear music playing:

-If participants are sharing a specific activity during this time, the facilitator reminds them to bring the necessary materials while they move around the room. (Ex: Participants share newly created acrostic poems with one another, so they will carry the poem as they walk.)

•Facilitator turns off the music and calls out “Huddle!” and a number (2-6):

-The number indicates the amount of people needed to form their “Team Huddle” group.

•Participants will interact in their “Team Huddle” groups for 2 minutes:

-Using the example stated above, participants share acrostic poems.

•Facilitator turns the music back on, which is the cue for participants to begin moving around the room again.

•Facilitator turns off the music, calls out, “Huddle!” and another number (2-6), and participants will form their “Team Huddle” group accordingly.

•Facilitator allows groups to interact for 2 minutes and then turns the music back on, which is the cue for participants to being walking around the room again.

•This process may continue, depending on how many different “team huddle” groups the teacher prefers

•Facilitator may choose to end the activity with a final huddle for the whole group by turning off the music and calling out, “Huddle everyone!”