How to make super sandstone

By Connor Vagars

Today we will make sandstone, just don’t get confused with Minecraft :) it will be a sandy blast.


· A bag Ebson salt

· A Plastic cup

· Plastic spoon (for mixing)

· Sand in a measuring cup(any type)

· Water a small bottle full

· Sunlight

· Measuring cups (with 2 or more lines around the side)

PS dose it even come like that?


1. First Gather you ingredients then Make a mix (it would be called a cement mix) of 1 part Ebson salt and 2 parts water (make sure you use the lines on the Measuring


2. secondly get a cup and fill it to this line with sand

3. Pour the solution in to the cup until just covering the sand

In a few days you will have your very own piece of sandstone!

How it happens:

Well I’m sorry but I don’t know.


Now that you have sand stone you can make more by doing it again but with more sand, water and salt to have more fun!