Wildcats Weekly

Week of 4/11

Durham Bulls Field Trip

Our Durham Bulls Field Trip is on Wednesday, April 13th!

Below are few reminders to help your student prepare:

  • keep an eye on the weather forecast and bring sunscreen
  • WCPSS dress code still applies
  • may not bring your own food into the game but may bring money to purchase apparel and/or concessions
  • will have a graded assignment to complete while at game
  • expected to check in with assigned chaperon hourly
  • upon departure, walk with your chaperon from our seats to the buses
  • depart/arrive on same charter bus with assigned chaperon
  • may not go home from the game with a parent...must return to school first

Math 7+

This week we are finishing up Unit 9: Transformations. So far, we have learned how to transform a figure on a coordinate plane by translating, reflecting, rotating, and/or dilating. Students have spent class time investigating how coordinates change with each type of transformation. They should be spending time each evening memorizing the rules for each transformation. On Monday, we will begin working on our project for this unit. Students need to come prepared with graph paper, colored pencils, and their rubric. The Unit 9 Test will be given at the end of this week.

Math 7

This week we will be reviewing statistical measures of center (mean, median, & mode), and then learning how to decide which measure of center is the best to use in a given situation. The Unit 8 Test is currently scheduled for Monday, April 18th. To prepare for this test students will need to 1) know if a sample is representative, 2) be able to create, read, answer questions about and compare box plots and dot plots, 3) find the mean absolute deviation and describe what it tells us about data, and 4) know the difference between categorical and quantitative data.


Students are finishing up the Genetics Unit with their project. Students chose 3 different activities out of 12 to complete. This project should be finished and turned in by Wednesday 4/13. We are currently discussing genetic disorders and the human genome project. We will begin viewing clips of the 1997 movie GATTACA tomorrow, and we will discuss the ethical issues involved with genetic engineering and GMO's. Please make sure your child is checking the homework calendar and day-to-day section for the Gattaca response homeworks next week.


In ELA we are reading our literature circle novels and working on a research project. Please see details at https://www.smore.com/1k400.

Social Studies

This week we are starting our unit on New Nations. We will not have a test on this unit. We will have a quiz at the end of each section of the unit.