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December Newsletter

Football Season Comes to a Close

We ended the football season on November 21 in Hennessey. I've never seen a game quite as foggy as this, which made for interesting game viewing. Our seniors both celebrated and mourned their last football game as Lindsay students. We had a great season together and crazily enough are already prepping for next year's marching season. On to concert season we go....

ECOBDA Auditions

At the beginning of November we had 36 students audition for the East Central Oklahoma Band Directors Association All-Region Band! We had 12 students earn spots in the bands (4 students in the high school band, 5 students in the junior high band, and 3 in the middle school band) and could not be more proud of them and all the students who showed the extra effort in preparation for these auditions.

Below are the students in the high school band that made the ensemble. Not pictured are the 3 advance band students.

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Christmas Concert

Our annual Christmas Concert is on Tuesday, December 16 at 7pm. The kids have been working incredibly hard and are looking forward to presenting a wonderful array of music. Please invite family and friends to join us! Concert black is still the uniform for the event. If this proves to be an issue, please let Dr. Craig or Mr. McCleskey know and we will do everything we can to help out.


We've already worked one junior high girls basketball games. We have 3 more schedule. Students have already signed up to work and that is posted outside of the band office. The other dates are December 15, January 9, and February 9.

Spring Schedule


9-10 - ECOBDA All-Region Bands

12 - Concessions (4pm)

26 - Concessions (4pm)


9 - Concessions (3:45pm)

28 - District Solo and Ensemble Contest (Norman)


3-4 - OSSAA District Wind Ensemble Contest (Konawa)

16-20 - Spring Break

24 - Pre-State (Tentative)

26 - Tecumseh Honor Band (Tentative - Middle School Only)


11 - Heartland Music Festival (Tentative - Middle School Only)

20 - OSSAA State Wind Ensemble Contest (Ada)

21-23 - OSSAA State Solo and Ensemble Contest (Stillwater)


21 - Last Day of School!

Yet to be scheduled: Winter Preview Concert, Spring Concert, Band Banquet

All of this information and more will be posted on the Band Website. Please check it regularly for updated information and announcements!

Booster's Corner

The booster's are remaining very active.

The painting class originally scheduled in November has been moved to Tuesday, December 9th. Please find a booster to ask for details about this awesome event. With Christmas right around the corner this could make a great gift!

The next booster meeting will be January 12, 2015 at 6pm in the band room. Please consider joining us for these events. There's lots of planning in the mix and we can always use your ideas, thoughts, and help!

Did you know...

Music therapists working with Alzheimer’s patients have found that rhythmic interaction or listening to music resulted in decreased agitation, increased focus and concentration, enhanced ability to respond verbally and behaviorally, elimination of demented speech, improved ability to respond to questions, and better social interaction.

– Carol Prickett and Randall Moore, “The Use of Music to Aid Memory of Alzheimer’s Patients,” Journal of Music Therapy.

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