2023-2024 Ballet Classes at KJ

Classes begin the week of August 14th!


We are thrilled to begin our fall dance season next week, August 14th! Training and teaching our dancers is one of our greatest joys, and we look forward to seeing each of them walk through our studio doors next week.

Our ballet teachers are trained in teaching and loving on our dancers. Ballet I, II, III focuses on overall body alignment and technical awareness and placement. KJ Dance provides a ballet program that trains students on a vocabulary of technical steps, poses, leaps and jumps, to convey a story/theme/atmosphere. Traditional barre' work and center work combinations are included in this class. Often times a technical ballet class is paired with a jazz class at KJ.

Our wish is that each dancer that walks through our doors will fall in love with dance, look forward to coming each week, and will build confidence in the classroom.

What should my dancer wear to class each week?

Pink ballet shoes, black leotard and pink tights, hair secured away from the face in a bun is required for Ballet.

Will my dancer have a recital at the end of the year?

YES! All ballet dancers will be a part of the KJ Concert at the end of the year. If your dancer takes one ballet class each week, they will have one dance in the end of the year show!

What if my dancer wants to take another class each week?

Many of our ballet dancers will take a technical jazz class! The KJ faculty works hard to set a schedule where dancers can take classes back to back. If your dancer would like to add another class to their schedule, please look at the schedule...right before or after the class you are enrolled in. Many times there is a perfect class they can take. The office staff is happy to help you with scheduling as well!

Is it too late to ask a friend to join?

No, it's always more fun to dance with your friends. Enrollment is open for several months, and we would love to have your dancers invite their buddies to join! Enrollment is online at kjdance.com, or they can email the office for assistance.

What if my dancer misses a class?

We would love to see your dancer make up a missed class in another ballet class or jazz class. If your dancer is sick or out of town, please go online, and schedule a makeup class that works best for your family.

1st Day Photos!

We are excited to see your dancers this week as we kick off KJ's 31st year! There will be photo opportunities around KJ, so make sure and tag us on social media! We want to see all our dancers on their first day!

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