Kameron Childress

Girl, Stolen

Author: April Henry

Published By: Henry Holt and Company

This book is a great read and has a lot of heart felt moments. Along with a lot of moments when you are scared for the characters. This book is one of the best books i have read in years.

ISBN: 9780312674755

Genre: Fiction

Grades: 7-10


  • YALSA Quick Pick

  • YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults

  • Barnes & Noble Top Teen Pick

  • Named one of the best books of 2012 by Children's Books Ireland

  • Named to Ireland's national reading list for teens by Ireland's National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

  • Scholastic bestseller

  • Winner of Maryland's Black-Eyed Susan award

  • Winner of Missouri's Truman Readers Award

  • Winner of South Dakota's YARP (Young Adult Reading Program)

  • Young Adult Honor Book for Nebraska's Golden Sower Award

  • Named to Delaware Diamonds book list

  • Finalist for the Iowa Teen Award

  • Finalist for Worcestershire Teen Book Award in England

  • Finalist for Oklahoma's Sequoyah Book Award

  • Finalist for Oregon Book Award

  • Finalist for New Hampshire's Isinglass Teen Read award

  • Chosen for St. Louis Book Battle

  • Chosen for One Book, One Community in Olney, Illinois

  • Chosen as a Cafe Book in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford schools and the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Virigina

  • ALAN Pick [Assembly on Literature for Adolescents]


This book Girl, Stolen is about a girl, Cheyenne Wilder, who is blind and has pneumonia. She is with her step mother when things go down hill. She is asleep in the back her the car while her step mother is filling her antibiotics. Before she realizes what is happening, she is being kidnapped. But the thing is Griffin didn't mean to kidnap her. He just meant to steal the car. Griffin was just going to let Cheyenne go when he realized she was blind, but once his father found out that she was the daughter of the president of Nike, he was holding her for ransom.

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