Mark Pfetzer & Jack Galvin


What if you could climb forever?


This book is about a young guy (age 16) by the name oh Mark Pfetzer who is also the author. He wants to climb to the top of Mount Everest. He makes a plan to climb Everest then starts his journey. First he starts out by climbing small ice walls and and really small mountains all over the world. Then he works his way up mountain sizes. Till he finally reaches his proper amount of training and skill. Now hes ready, ready to climb Mount Everest. He first tried the north side and reached 25,000 ft. Then he tried again from the south side and only reached 26,000 ft. he was going to try to climb Everest again when he turned 17. Unfortunately his dad got cancer when he turned 17. His dad wanted Mark to try it again but he stayed with his dad.


I chose this book because it was about being in nature. My favorite of this book is when he was able to talk his teacher into leaving school for 3 WEEKS!!!!!! In my opinion, the book is a good book. Some reasons I liked the book include he was not able to climb it but he still tried. Overall, I would rate the book 5 stars because it gave a lot of details, and it is a really deep story. I would recommend this book for adventures people.
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